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Deer Stand Stories: Men-vs-Women-Who’s the Better Hunter?

In my book Deer Stands and Stories  I've gathered and shared a great group of true stories from fellow hunters and outdoors-people that allows everyone to spend a few hours laughing and enjoying the antics and tales. Within this book you will find 43 stories, with 82...

The Characters of Alaska- WWII War Veteran Howard Hunt

Recapping and recalling some of the “characters of Alaska” that I have written about within the pages of my Alaska! and Alaska 2! books has been a real delight for me. Meeting these glorious people during my Veterans to Alaska trip this last September has taken that...

Anticipating of Hunting Season

Deer Stands and Stories Do you have some deer hunters in your home who have been spending lots of time lately eyeing the calendar, plotting what new hunting gadget they are going to buy this year and basically bursting with the anticipation of the upcoming Minnesota...

The Characters of Alaska: Clare O’Donnell

When I speak of the “characters” of Alaska, I am not referring to a fictitious, made-up characters in a book. I am referring to salt-of-the-earth types who live and breathe like you and I. During my recent Veterans to Alaska trip in September, I took the three...

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